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Post  Blossom on Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:00 am

Just a quick note to welcome those who have joined recently. Some of you may remember my previous persona Cosmic. This forum is completely open and member driven. It is a free forum and any extras like gallery, is paid for by me. You will never be asked to contribute as the cost is minimal. and I have yet to explore other options available. The platform is Canadian and doesn't require a website to operate. I may attach it to a website some time in the future, but being only barely competent I am putting it off for a while. There is no moderation. Different sections can be opened on request - the system is self-pruning; that is - if a forum is not used for 3 months it is deleted - unfortunately our genealogy section went that way without my knowing. That's just a minor downside though. It is well protected from advertising, spammers etc. If there is a forum you'd like to see just PM me and it shall be done. I'm away for another 3 weeks but normal service will be resumed soon. Enjoy thius forum which is yours.


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