Snowdrop plant- an early blooming plant for your moon garden

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Snowdrop plant- an early blooming plant for your moon garden

Post  Gomas on Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:08 pm

One of the best plant choices for moon gardens is Snowdrops which are early bloomers. During many a pest and building inspection Sydney inspection experts have conducted, they have suggested this plant for the moon garden people intend to build in their yards. These bulb plants produce one small white flower which hangs down off its stalk like a drop prior to opening. Once the bloom is opened we could see the eye beholding three outer petals arching out over three inner petals. The leaves of this plant grow about 4” long and are shaped like narrow blades. These are perennials and are found to be frequently naturalizing. As for the sun and soil requirements of Snowdrops, they take full sun to partial shade. You should grow them in well drained soil which has plenty of humus. This plant is a good choice for areas with dry shade.

It is important that you should be having good knowledge about how to care the bulb plants. It will help you keep them better and get the best out of it. You should plant the bulbs for these flowers in fall. Since snowdrop plants are small plants you should plant their bulbs closely together for a showy spring display. It will help you get a blanket of snowdrops to cover an area, and it will be replacing winter’s blanket of snow. You must not remove the foliage until it has turned yellow, because it will let the plants to have a chance to store nutrients for next year.


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