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Post  Fran on Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:46 pm

I wonder how many Australians would appreciate the service provided by these volunteer dentists. Dental care is becoming unaffordable for many people and there are over 650,000 Australians on public dental waiting lists- probably many more have given up waiting. Why a dentist is not just another medical specialist has me beat. Our mouth is part of our digestive system for heaven's sake.

Maybe a way to overcome the crisis and help with the backlog. Why do we leave everything to government? There must be a better way. Maybe the students fresh out of uni would volunteer for a year if their HECS fees were waived perhaps.

I read in the paper today that Qld Health has a pilot scheme up and running that provides retired nurses with a 4 wheel car and caravan in return for relief nursing in the outback. They camp in the van and can take it on private excursions - a sort of working holiday. It's one way to mobilize people and good luck to them but can't help thinking we seem to leave everything to government. Over 50% of Americans actively volunteer. Not only are they lending a hand but realizing the power of the individual who stands up to be counted.
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Post  Lucky1 on Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:57 pm

On the disability pension, we had to wait 4 years for our first appointment, once the paperwork was filled out.

That came about September last year. We're going slow with it as I'm too scared to go in by myself and so we both go on the same day. Those appointment take a bit longer to come round.

The waiting time for false teeth where we go is 10 years.

Once the work is finished, we go back to the bottom of the list. It's set costing for us about $110 each for all treatments. If we go over the set amount, we get those visits for free.
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