Lordly Oberon

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Lordly Oberon

Post  Blossom on Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:49 am

I bought this from the 'reject' bin in Big W at the weekend - it's fairly spindly, just the graft and two thin branches but for $2 I'm not complaining. However, in another thread Fran mentioned that it grows rather tall and is more suited to warmer climates. I'm wondering if it needs any special treatment apart from being moved from where I planted near the washline! What should I look out for if it's too cold here. It's fairly windy where I've planted it, in fact most of my garden is windy and gets salt from the ocean. Most of my roses just plod along with little attention apart from a good feed of Sudden Impact every six months and a bit of foliage spray for BS. I have some more coming from Treloars and have just about run out of space. Might have to sacrifice some veggie space.

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Re: Lordly Oberon

Post  Fran on Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:28 am

Not more suited but that it grows more vigorously in a warmer climate - as many DAs do Smile Might be a bit lanky and that's why DA doesn't recommend it any more. It might stay small for you but perhaps grow it where you can hide its legs in case or wrap it round an obelisk or something - plant others round it. Supposed to be disease resistant and fragrant so you have a beautiful rose there Blossom. It's a wonder it's not better known really.
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